Zhongxun Xiamen Yingxinwang Buddhist Youth Zhuangzhu upside down in the wind

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 Zhongxun Xiamen Yingxinwang Buddhist Youth Zhuangzhu upside down in the wind

In Zhuangzhus own words, all this happened too fast to let him respond. The second Zhuangzhu and Li Zaiyuan had five poles left at the departure time. Therefore, before departure on this day, Zhuangzhus goal was to stay in the top 10. The turning point of the story is in the 7th hole of the event. Li Yayuan, who made a mistake in kick-off, swallowed four bogeys directly in this hole. In addition to the bogeys swallowed in the 4th hole before, the advantage of five strokes disappeared instantly. Zhuangzhu and Li Zaiyuan began to return to the same starting line. They are all 20-year-old young players, and they are also looking forward to their own professional championship, the one under pressure, will laugh until the end.

When the time line came to the last nine days of the day, Zhuangzhu became more and more brave, and Li Yayuan again made a major mistake in the 14th hole to swallow three bogeys, and Zhang Jia swallowed bogeys in this hole, and the ownership of the champion began to become clear. Seeing the results of Zhuangzhu from here to really relax, after the 15, 16 holes down two cities, the final single-round results set at - 2, ushered in their first professional championship, this is also the only scarlet letter player after the four-day competition.

Lee Jae Won

Perhaps its a desperate desire for championship, or perhaps its too young to deal with the mentality problem at the top of the leading list. South Korean player Lee Jae-won handed over his worst result in four days in the final round, with two holes exploded and a single round + 9 handing over the champion. This result was not even won by a single second, and eventually ranked second with a total score of four strokes above par.

Zhang Jia, a Chinese competitor in the same group, is second with Li Zaoyuan. Zhang Jias performance today is not very ideal, but he also has one stroke higher than his own performance in the third round - single round + 2. But because of Li Zaiyuans high score, Zhang Jia succeeded in catching up with the ranking, and eventually won the runner-up in two consecutive races, just like the ranking of the last station in Chongqing.

Zhang Jia

Chen Dinggen, veteran general, experienced a slight decline in the final round after the third round. He opened the door four holes and hit + 4. With the four birds behind him, he kept his ranking in the top three. Unfortunately, the 18-hole double bogey made his total score + 7, dropping out of the top three and eventually ranking fifth side by side. The last hole is still a pity, with the first wood opened a big right, recently changed the first wood, is still adapting, so this weeks performance is still a little unsatisfactory.

Xiamen Kaige ushered in another hole today. Canadian player Li Bingrong gave himself the best gift of the week with iron No. 8 in hole 15 (150Y). This is the fourth hole-in-the-hole in Xiamen Open and the largest single-stop in the history of the Chinese Tour.

So far, the 2018 China Tour Xiamen Open has come to a successful conclusion. We will transfer to Jiulong Lake in Guangzhou to welcome the last major event of the year, the Dawan District Open. See you in Guangzhou! uuuuuuuuu Go back to Sohu and see more

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