Nantaiwu welcomes the first round of Volvo Youth Bidong Competition

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 Nantaiwu welcomes the first round of Volvo Youth Bidong Competition

Competition Director Su Zhaokun

In his speech, Su Zhaokun said: Thank you very much for the strong support provided by Nantaiwu Golf Club. This is the first time that this event has been held in Fujian. I believe that the series of events under the Volvo China Open will achieve more cooperation with Fujian in the future.

Huang Xinxiang was gratified to see Volvo China Youth Golf Bidong Championship in Fujian in an orderly way. He said, Thank you very much for Volvos trust in Nantaiwu Stadium. With the full cooperation of the ball club colleagues, this high-level youth tournament has made a smooth debut in Nantaiwu. I hope the players will follow up. In three days, we try our best to achieve good results. I sincerely wish China Golf a better future under the continuous promotion of Volvo China Youth Golf Championships than the Hole Championships.

Huang Xinxiang, chairman of the club

Before arriving at Nantaiwu Stadium, 17-year-old Guangdong player Lin Jiahao just won a high-level youth competition in Malaysia, once again demonstrating his strong strength as the No. 1 seed. After one days warm-up, Lin Jiahao has a better understanding of the South Taiwu Stadium. Wind power on the court will be an important factor affecting the results of the next three days, and the South Taiwu Stadium fairway is relatively narrow, requiring the hit point to be particularly precise. Lin Jiahao said, The strategy of Bidong competition is different from that of pole competition. During the competition, I will adjust my strategy by referring to the opponents on-the-spot performance. The mens team in this tournament is very strong. I have to wait for it.

Luo Xuan, male No. 2 seed and Guangdong player, is the first to participate in the Volvo China Youth Golf Bidong Championship. He arrived in South Taiwu one day ahead of schedule to start the test and warm-up. In the competition venue, Luo Xuan heartily experienced a solemn and sacred atmosphere: I have a feeling of participating in professional competitions, I received a players card at the time of registration, the club dressing room has a special locker with my name, which I have not experienced in other teenagers or amateur competitions. The organizing committee also prepared daily shuttle buses to and from the club and hotel, with sufficient number of buses, and detailed information on the event bulletin board set up in Clubhouse and hotel lobby. These details are very professional, thoughtful and intimate. I am honored to participate in such a high-standard competition. It gives me a sense of the beauty of golf --- it always inspires the enthusiasm and strength of the participants and strives to become a better self. Luo Xuans evaluation of the South Taiwu Stadium is also very high. The fairway grass is very soft, the green speed is much faster than my daily training course, so I enjoy the challenge and fun of hitting the ball.

Sun Jiaze, the No. 1 seed of the womens group, is also the first time to come to the South Taiwu Stadium. Recently, she has a very compact schedule and a lot of physical exhaustion, but she is still energetic and passionate. Today, Sun Jiaze and his team-mates of Tianjin team went off to practice together. For the next three days of the game, they had targeted cutting and pushing training around the green. From this we can see her rich experience in preparing for war. The track of Nantaiwu Stadium is relatively narrow, and the landing point of each shot is very high. Once the kick-off falls into the long grass or sand pit of the fairway, the next shot will be a great challenge. Ill be careful. Sun Jiaze said.

At 6:40 tomorrow morning, the first round of the 16th to 8th matches officially started. 32 players started to catch and fight from 16 holes at the same time, and then the quarterfinals will be held in the afternoon. Two rounds of hole games in a day are a double test of the young playersskill and psychology. Lets wait and see who will take the lead in breaking through the customs. Go back to Sohu and see more

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