Volkswagen: The Lakers are trying to get Arizapops chips in a three-way deal.

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 Volkswagen: The Lakers are trying to get Arizapops chips in a three-way deal.

The Lakers are currently ranked fifth in the West with 16-10 losses, while the Sun is ranked bottom with 4-22 losses.

The sun said the sun was hoping to get a control and a talent show in the deal. The sun and the Lakers have made progress in the three party trade, although there has been no agreement yet. Both sides have actively participated in the numerous trade negotiations in the alliance.

Until this Saturday, no deal was officially completed. Ariza, a free agent who signed this summer, cannot be traded before the 15th.

Ariza is one of the most important bargaining chips for the Suns, as well as an opportunity for them to enhance their backcourt strength and acquire assets. Many rival teams are interested in Ariza, who has been an important member of the Rockets in recent seasons.

Pop, involved in trade rumors, has a veto, but the Lakers believe Pops agent, Ricky Paul, is willing to cooperate. If a deal strengthens Popes role in the team, he may sign a big contract with a new team next summer.

The 25-year-old Popes playing time with the Lakers has dropped sharply this season, as has his shooting percentage. He now averages 21 minutes on the court, scoring 8.5 points, of which 38% are shooting and 34% are three-point shooting. He signed a 12 million-year contract with the Lakers in the summer.

Ariza joined the Suns 15 million a year this summer. The Suns have won 4-22 this season and are now in a state of chaos. They want to get a defender who can make Booker play more ball-free.

Ariza averaged 9.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists this season. When Arizas contract expires, the Lakers will also be able to maintain flexibility in salary space in the coming summer. Rob Palinka, the current general manager of the Lakers, was Arizas agent before joining the Lakersmanagement. Go back to Sohu and see more

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