Wang Dalei returned to Germany with fierce competition. He had already booked a flight to Germany for treatment.

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 Wang Dalei returned to Germany with fierce competition. He had already booked a flight to Germany for treatment.

Zeng Chengs team was injured in training

At present, besides Zeng Cheng, the other four goalkeepers are Yan Junling, Zhang Lun, Guo Quanbo and Wang Dalei. According to the rules of the Asian Football Association, the number of players in each team participating in the Asian Cup is 23. According to international competition practice, each team should report three goalkeepers. This is why Lippi has recruited four goalkeepers in this training session. He hopes to select three of them who have the best experience and ability to play in the Asian Cup.

But unexpectedly. In the team training on the third day of this training period, Zeng Cheng, who participated in the antagonistic practice, broke his right ankle ligament and two-thirds of his injured ligament because he saved an offensive ball from his teammate Yu Hanchao. Zeng Cheng also withdrew from the training. Team doctors treated him urgently. Now, Zeng Chengs troubles have been splinted.

Zeng Chengs accidental injury inevitably affects the teams preparations for the Asian Cup. Although there are three goalkeepers available in the team, including the main goalkeeper Yan Junling, the coaching team decided to add a strong goalkeeper to the training for the prevention of similar accidents and the guarantee of the quality of preparation. Wang Dalei, who was getting better at the end of the season, was called up. By the time he was ordered, he had booked a flight to Germany for comprehensive treatment.

In fact, in 2015, when he was the head coach of the national football team, Peran brought Wang Dalei, Zeng Cheng and Yan Junling to the last Asian Cup in Australia. Wang Dalei has also performed well as the main player, including the crucial battle with Uzbekistan that decided the teams early exit fate. From this point of view, Wang Dalei, like the other two, is currently the most experienced goalkeeper in international competitions in China, and his temporary recruitment makes sense.

Goalkeeper competition is fierce

But some people are happy and others are worried. Zeng Cheng is now 32 years old. In a sense, this Asian Cup is probably the last time in his career to represent his team in a similar major tournament. Zeng Cheng is a model player with excellent ability and professionalism in both clubs and national teams. He also looks forward to contributing to the national team in this Asian Cup, but unfortunately his luck is not good. In Zeng Chengs career, similar accidents happened more than once. As early as September 2016 in Shenyang, the Russian World Preliminary Tournament Asian 12 finals national football team and Iran, Zeng Cheng was injured by his opponents knee in the opening five minutes, and was eventually replaced by Gu Chao because he couldnt keep playing. Later he was diagnosed with posterior cruciate ligament rupture and reimbursed for the season. Similar injuries also reflect Zengs dedication to training and competition. His absence from the trip to Western Asia would be a real embarrassment.

After Zeng Chengs injury, the competition for the position of goalkeeper in this tournament is not at all discounted. Guo Quanbo, a young goalkeeper from Zhonghe Guoan, joined the team with excellent performance in the past season. He also hopes to go to the Asian Cup through his own down-to-earth efforts. However, as the most important event of foreign football in recent years besides the World Cup, the Asian Cup has attracted much attention from domestic football circles and Chinese Football Association. Naturally, the coaching team headed by Lippi will select the most suitable players according to the principle of responsibility for the teams competitive interests. After Wang Dalei returns to the team, it is bound to intensify the competition for goalkeeper position, but such competition is of positive significance to Guo Quanbo and the team.

Today, the training of the National Football Team has arranged 11-11 full-range confrontation exercises. From the personnel arrangement of the confrontation sides, 433 battlefield will be re-pushed. Lippi is well aware of the main candidates for the Asian Cup. Go back to Sohu and see more

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