The Pyramid System of China-Ethylene Instability League is Difficult to Build a Media Connection: Can China Super Power be Helped?

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 The Pyramid System of China-Ethylene Instability League is Difficult to Build a Media Connection: Can China Super Power be Helped?

Unstable Foundation of Professional League Matches

This is only the tip of the iceberg. In the middle of the 2018 season, Hefei Guiguan and Shenyang Dongjin were disqualified by the Football Association because of their salary arrears. Shanghai Shenfan also announced that he would withdraw from qualifying after the regular season because of his inability to maintain. Including Anapurna, Sichuan, which won the championship of China B in an unbeaten season and qualified for China A, has also publicly acknowledged the problem of wage arrears. At the end of the season, Ningxia Lantauhai announced that it would transfer all its shares to foreign countries because it could not get the support of the local sports department and could not even find a matching venue in Yinchuan that meets the requirements of the league. If the transfer fails, the team may dissolve.

Many second-class clubs have problems one after another, which are difficult to support, first of all, because the load is too heavy. Driven by the Chinese Super League, the input of league matches at all levels has increased sharply, and even in some championship teams aspiring to the second place, the annual salaries of the main players are hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such a market situation has brought heavy financial pressure to investors. In addition, the Football Association strictly regulates League matches, there are also contradictions between good intentions but difficult implementation.

Can China Super Power be used?

In order to lay a solid foundation for professional league matches, in recent years, the Chinese Football Association has been committed to the expansion of the Chinese and Japanese armies, adding four new Chinese and Japanese teams every year. The starting point of the Football Association is good, but it is still somewhat divorced from reality.

According to the current speed of military expansion, if the faulty club B can not compete next year, then this years seventh and eighth teams in the championship are likely to be promoted. They may not have enough financial resources to support the team to participate in the second division, which left a new hidden danger to the future second division.

The Chinese Football Association is also aware of the problem of League overheating and is preparing to limit Club spending and playerssalaries. If China Super League is no longer crazy, China A will also cool down, to the platform of China B, the threshold will naturally be lowered. However, this requires a process.

In fact, the Football Association can also encourage Chinese Super League investors to participate in the second division, which can not only maintain the stability of the low-level league, but also provide a platform for Chinese Super League clubs to exercise more players by building satellite clubs. As for the previously strictly guarded relationship, as long as the promotion is restricted, there will be no harm.

There are not as many powerful and enthusiastic football companies as you think. If we dont pay attention to the problems in the second division, we cant build the pyramid system of the League matches. In the future, the expansion of the second division and the Chinese Super League will lose its foundation.

Peninsula Morning Post and Haili Net reporter Sui Haitao returned to Sohu for more information

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