Womens Football Teams Final Round of Spain or Key Qualifying Matches

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 Womens Football Teams Final Round of Spain or Key Qualifying Matches

The reason why Chinese womens football team participated in the lottery as the third-tier team is that FIFA classifies the teams according to the latest ranking order of the national teams. The top six teams, including host France, became the first team. China ranks fifteenth in the world, so it falls into third rank. From the point of view of classification, many old-fashioned teams, including Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, have entered the second level, plus the United States, Germany, Canada and other strong teams in the first level, this lottery is likely to produce a death group.

South Africas entry into Group B means that the team should be regarded as a winner by the Chinese womens football team. As the size of this World Cup has increased from 16 teams to 24 teams, the first two of the six teams and the third of the four best teams all rank in the top 16. If the Chinese womens football team can successfully defeat the South African team, then it will add an important weight for the promotion of the elimination match. At the Rio Olympics two years ago, the Chinese womens football team won the match 2-0.

However, as one of the top eight teams in the last World Cup, the goal of Chinese womens football team in this World Cup is obviously not only to be in the top 16. If we want to go further in the elimination competition, we must be in a favorable position in the group competition. However, from this point of view, the situation of Chinese womens football team being sandwiched by two European teams is not optimistic. According to the data, Germany has won two championships, one runner-up and two top four, second only to the American womens football team in the world cup. For the Chinese womens football team, Germany is undoubtedly the number one rival in the group competition, and we won none of the three matches against our opponents in the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

The Spanish womens football team, the second-tier team of the Chinese womens football team, has developed rapidly recently. In this years U-17 Womens Football World Cup and U-20 Womens Football World Cup, Spain won the championship and runner-up. In the eyes of FIFA and UEFA, Spains womens football team is likely to become a new force in this World Cup, just like Frances. Under the attack of two European teams, it is not difficult for Chinese womens football team to achieve a slightly higher group ranking. The final match with Spain is likely to decide which team will be promoted by the second place in the group, or even the first place of the group.

Group Bs top team will face Group A, C and Ds third team in the 1/8 final. If the Chinese womens football team gets the first place in the group, the possibility of being in the top 8 or even further is very high, but if the first place in the group is captured by Germany and West, the competition situation in the elimination tournament will become bad. If the Chinese womens football team wins the second place in Group B, it will be the second place in Group F in the 1st/8th finals. The United States and Sweden will win the first two places in Group F without accident. With the comprehensive strength of the Chinese womens football team, we can imagine how difficult it is to find a breakthrough in these two teams.

If they finish third in Group B, the Chinese womens soccer teams rivals will be between Group Cs first place and Group Ds first place. The contest for Group Cs first place will probably take place between Australia and Brazil, while the contest for Group Ds first place is between Japan and England. Therefore, whether it is in the second place of the group or in the third place of the top four groups, the elimination tournament of the Chinese womens football team is extremely difficult.

Chinese womens football coach Jia Xiuquan and famous hostess Sun Wen attended the draw ceremony of the World Cup. At present, the Chinese womens football team is preparing for the match in Australia, followed by a number of warm-up matches. For Chinese womens football team, it is urgent to enrich competition experience and enhance self-confidence through actual combat. With the draw results of the World Cup group tournament coming out, the team also needs to have a target in the selection of warm-up opponents.

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Womens Football World Cup Grouping

Group A: France, Norway, Korea, Nigeria

Group B: Germany, Spain, China, South Africa

Group C: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica

Group D: England, Japan, Scotland, Argentina

Group E: Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Cameroon

Group F: America, Sweden, Thailand and Chile return to Sohu for more information

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