Debate into a one-man show: Ukraines general election debate in the absence of Zelenski

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 Debate into a one-man show: Ukraines general election debate in the absence of Zelenski

Original Title: Debate into a Monologue: Ukraines Election Debate in the absence of Zelenski

BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) Central News Agency reported that the second round of Ukraines presidential election will be held on the 21st, the incumbent President Poloshenko previously invited his opponent Zelenski to participate in the debate, the other side was absent as expected. Poloshenko said Ukraines future was in danger.

On the 14th, Poloshenko held a single debate at the 70,000-seat Olympic Stadium in Kiev. In the temporary media center of the venue, two lectures were set up. A moderator explained the rules of debate in front of reporters.

Outside the stadium, thousands of Poloshenko supporters poured into the square, shouting the name of Poloshenko and calling for Zelenski to appear.

With only a week to go before the vote, the 53-year-old Poloshenko hopes to debate with 41-year-old political novice Zelenski, who he claims as a comedian is reluctant to face sharp questions.

I dont like Ukraines presidential election to look like a silent film, Poloshenko said, standing at an empty rostrum formerly owned by Zelenski. I have to say that Ukraines future is in danger, he said an hour after his appearance.

Zelenski said he was ready to debate with Boroshenko on the 19th.

The first round of Ukraines presidential election was held on March 31, with 39 candidates running. Uzbekistan Central Election Commission announced in a 4-day announcement that the counting of votes in the first round of voting has now been completed. In the first round, 62.8% of the 29.8 million eligible voters voted.

Uzbekistan Central Election Commission pointed out that the results showed that comedian and leader of the Peoples Public Service Party Zelenski took the lead with 30.24% of the votes. Poloshenko, the incumbent president, ranked second with 15.95% of the votes.

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