Burglaries in Paris have increased dramatically, and rich areas have become disaster-stricken areas.

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 Burglaries in Paris have increased dramatically, and rich areas have become disaster-stricken areas.

Original title: Paris burglaries have increased dramatically and rich areas have become disaster-stricken areas

Overseas Network, April 15, the latest data show that in 2018, the number of burglaries in upscale Paris neighborhoods and affluent suburban cities increased sharply.

According to the Parisian newspaper, the French judiciary tries to avoid regionalization of the data in statistical theft cases every year so as not to discriminate against specific areas. But police data show that the high incidence of burglaries in Paris and its suburbs is indeed a cause for concern. The best burglars never get caught, laments a Paris crime commissioner.

In 2018, burglaries in Pariss first to seventh districts surged by 40% over the previous year. Christopher Sullez, head of the National Crime Watch, said the data for 2017 had been the highest since 2006, but that the rapid progress in 2018 was not caused by a single reason, nor could it be attributed entirely to the yellow vest campaign, which began in mid-November 2018, even if this possibility could not be ruled out. According to the criminologist, the large-scale urban construction projects being carried out in Paris also boosted the crime rate to a certain extent, thieves can pretend to be workers, carrying crime tools to climb scaffolding upstairs and steal.

One investigator said that there were at least two burglaries in Paris every day. This was only the data on the report form. In fact, a considerable number of people did not report the burglaries. Moreover, the specialization of burglary gangs in Paris has gradually increased, and burglars wear gloves to commit crimes, leaving almost no fingerprints and other traces, which also makes it more difficult for the police to solve cases.

Research shows that rich peoples areas become the preferred target of professional theft gangs. They want jewelry and cash, and they dont waste time in slums. Investigators said. In addition, according to expert analysis, residents can reduce the risk of burglary by half by adopting multiple security measures. For example, thieves are generally reluctant to choose apartments with burglar-proof doors and alarms installed at the same time. They cant do it in three minutes, and they often give up. Christopher Sullez said.

In the suburbs of Paris, some areas of Upper Sena, Sena-Saint Daniel and Man Valley are also high incidence areas of burglary. Experts believe that this is the impact of organized crime. These burglary gangs come to Paris during the day to step on and commit crimes. However, due to the extensive public transport network, there is no obstacle to take the subway to the suburban cities, so these areas are also in the sight of burglars, Wancerne. Cities such as Vincennes, Charenton, Montreuil and Lilas are hard to escape. Some villas near the station conform to the presupposition of convenient transportation and rich family, which is the perfect victim in the eyes of thieves. Residents in particular should be vigilant. Every summer and December is the peak period of burglary in the suburbs.

Another organized criminal group from Eastern European countries not only has a high crime rate, but also is highly structured and professional, targeting not only houses but also pharmacies or opticians, according to an official specializing in combating burglary. (Overseas Network - France - Lujia)

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