Israel will launch a second moon landing to challenge Netanyahus strong support

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 Israel will launch a second moon landing to challenge Netanyahus strong support

Original title: Israel will launch the second lunar landing challenge, with Netanyahus strong support

Beijing News (Reporter Chen Qinhan) Israels first lunar probe Genesis failed to attempt a soft landing on the lunar surface on April 11. Maurice Kahn, chairman of the spacecraft design team SpaceIL, made a statement on Twitter on April 14: We will build a new spacecraft and send it to the moon to complete its mission. Yes.

President Strauss-Kahn of SpaceIL announced through Israeli media Twelfth Television on the 13th that he would be ready to launch the second lunar landing project Genesis 2. He said, Now that we have started this task, we must complete it. We will send the Israeli flag to the moon. Its also a good lesson for young people. I want to tell them to stand up and try again if they fail.

According to Reuters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech on the 14th, highly commending the first lunar landing mission, saying, This mission has made Israel the seventh country to realize the orbit of spacecraft around the moon. Netanyahu said: This is a great achievement for SpaceIL. We will launch Genesis 2, and the country will participate in the construction and provide corresponding support. I hope it will be successful this time.

If Israels second mission to the moon is successfully accomplished in a short period of time, it will become the fourth country to successfully send a probe to the moon after the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

Earlier, Genesis, a lunar probe designed by SpaceIL, a private agency, crashed on the surface of the moon last week due to a malfunction of its main engine. The mission was carried out by SpaceIL in cooperation with Israels State-owned Aerospace Industry Corporation (IAI), at a cost of $100 million.

Chen Qinhan, a reporter of the New Beijing News

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