Severe storms in the southern United States killed 80 million people and threatened the hasty coronation of Woods

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 Severe storms in the southern United States killed 80 million people and threatened the hasty coronation of Woods

Original title: Strong storms in the southern United States have killed eight people and threatened 90 million Woods to be crowned in a hurry

Tornadoes and thunderstorms that continue to ravage the southern United States have killed at least eight people and injured dozens, including three children. American meteorologists say bad weather will continue to move to the eastern part of the United States, threatening the safety of about 90 million people.

The National Weather Service (NMA) has designated the tornado as EF-3, with a landing speed of 140 miles per hour (225 kilometers per hour) in Robertson County, Texas.

As of noon on the 14th, nearly 90,000 households in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Georgia had been cut off by bad weather.

According to CNN, meteorologist Derek van Dam said that although storm intensity may gradually weaken as it moves east, densely populated cities such as New York, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta are all within the scope of the severe weather and may affect more people.

The National Meteorological Administration predicts that the tornado and thunderstorm are gaining momentum, bringing heavy rainfall along the line, and even causing floods in some areas. At the same time, tornado-wrapped buildings and tree debris are very dangerous. Meteorological departments warn people to take precautions and seek refuge in advance.

Texas says an eight-year-old and a three-year-old child were killed in the eastern part of the state when a tree blown down by a strong wind hit their car. In addition, in Hamilton, Mississippi, a man was hit by a tree and killed in his trailer.

On the other hand, bad weather also affected the final round of the American Masters Golf Championship in Georgia. Weather forecast shows that the possibility of thunderstorms will reach 95% at 3 p.m. Sunday, so the organizing committee will adjust the departure time of competitors to 7:30 a.m. The game ended before 3 p.m., and Tiger Woods dramatically won his fifth Masters championship. However, in order to close the stadium as soon as possible, the organizing committee cancelled the outdoor awards.

Just last month, Alabama in the southern United States experienced a severe tornado that killed 23 people. Local meteorologists say the tornado caused more local deaths in one day than the total number of tornado victims in the United States in 2018.

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