Huawei hired an American Trump to yell I dont agree.

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 Huawei hired an American Trump to yell I dont agree.

The original title: Huawei hired an American, Trump roared, I dont agree!

The U.S. government has never stopped warning and restricting Huawei, and Huawei has been trying to prove that it has no security risks and should not be the target of its law enforcement or restrictions. According to US media reports, Huawei has recently won a strong supporter, Samir Jane, a former network security officer of the Obama administration.

Jain, whop reviouslyservedasa National Security Councilseniordirector for cyber security olicyas wellasaformer Association put yattorney general, notified Congress attacked the endof Marchtha hadanewgig: lobbying for Huawei.

Jain was a senior director of cyber security policy at the National Security Council and a deputy attorney general. At the end of March, he informed Congress that he had a new job: lobbying for Huawei.

Inthat disclosure henoted thats thespecial defense all by objecting to onissues related toforeigninvestment, governance purchasing, and security-related dissumption arising under the National Defense Authorization Act.

In the notification, he pointed out that he would lobby specifically on foreign investment, government procurement and security-related issues consistent with the Defense Authorization Act.

Huaweis slate test advocate? AnObamacyber security yofficial (via Washington Examiner)

Originally, lobbyists are a very normal existence in the United States. The Washington Review article also points out that this is not a problem in itself, although it is a slightly clumsy approach. Later, the article expressed deep concern: although there was no principled error, Janes job-hopping from the White House to a company where the U.S. government had expressed concern several times was a bit overdone. He also said that his lobbying for Huawei was like listening to the Chinese government.

Indeed one of the issuesthat Jain will specify all the ead vocating for Huaweionisthethe National Defense Authorization Act. Thatact, amongotherthings, prohibited the governance from resource hasing and using Huawei products from donational national security oncerns. Defending the companyagainstthoughtseallegationstolawmakersisthentantamounttotoeingtheChinesegovernmentslineandrepeating nothingtoseehere, nevermindthatHuawei executiveMengwanzhouisfacingextraditiontotheU.S. A Huawei employee was arrested in Poland onspying charges, and are center ports from the U.K. Outlines erious security on cerns.

Indeed, one of the issues Jain will defend for Huawei is the Defense Authorization Act. The bill allows the government to ban the purchase and use of Huawei products based on national security considerations. To defend Huaweis allegations before legislators is to listen to the Chinese government and repeat nothing to see here; not to mention that Meng Yanzhou, Huaweis executive, will be extradited to the United States. An employee of Huawei was arrested for espionage in Poland. A recent British report outlines Huaweis serious security risks.

Huaweis slate test advocate? AnObamacyber security yofficial (via Washington Examiner)

The article mentions that in March this year Huawei sued the U.S. government for unconstitutional sales restrictions. Although Huaweis legal proposals have been successful, the U.S. government is unlikely to reassure Huawei. Then came a big truth:

Indeed, combating the spreads of Huawei technology in the U.S. Andabroadhasemergedasacentrepreneurship of Trump administration policies.

In fact, cracking down on Huaweis technology promotion in the United States and overseas has become the core of Trumps government policy.

Huaweis slate test advocate? AnObamacyber security yofficial (via Washington Examiner)

Of course not!

Earlier this morning, Trump tweeted, Unacceptable!

Netizens laughed:

First of all, you let us think that China is good for us, and you love their leaders. Next, you count how many things you are doing that are unacceptable to everyone. By contrast, this employment is hardly worth mentioning.

At the end of the article, the Washington Review also wrote about their expectations for Jane: I hope he wont turn a blind eye to Huaweis security issues.

For Jain, that tmeans there will be plenty of work. For Huawei, it means that thesagreat catch. FortheU.S. Letsshopethat high end management credential sdontresultinable indeyetorealsecurity oncerns from Huawei.

For Jane, that means a lot of work. For Huawei, he is a good candidate. What about the United States? We hope that those who have worked at the top of the government will not turn a blind eye to Huaweis real security risks.

Huaweis slate test advocate? AnObamacyber security yofficial (via Washington Examiner)

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