The Village Branch Book continued playing cards after the truck scraped into the shade and killed the driver.

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 The Village Branch Book continued playing cards after the truck scraped into the shade and killed the driver.

The original title: Ningde Village Branch Book killed the driver because the truck scraped into the shade, and then continued playing cards.

On the afternoon of March 31, Changqiao Village, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County, Ningde, Fujian Province. Just because the van scratched the awning of his shop, Bao Xiaohui got angry and pulled the driver down from the cab and beat him, causing the driver to collapse on the spot and send the doctor to rescue him from death. At present, Bao Xiaohui has been detained.

It is understood that Bao Xiaohui is secretary of Changqiao Village Branch. The police are investigating further the cause of death.

Witness: After the village branch Book injured people, he went on playing cards.

Yesterday noon, villagers introduced that Bao Xiaohui, who was detained by the police, opened a small shop in the street. This year, he just elected the Secretary of Changqiao Village Branch.

Since Wanan Bridge, a famous scenic spot in Changqiao Town, is on the side of the old street, last year, the local government funded the installation of a sunshade for stores along the street, and this time the sunshade on Bao Xiaohuis retail department was scraped. When the reporter arrived at Changqiao Village, the shop was closed and closed. The scraped awning was carefully observed, and there was no obvious damage.

On the same day, Du Changfa and his driver delivered goods together with workers Huang Yiding and Chen Zhenfa. They told reporters that their truck was ready to stop by the side. The carriage did scrape the awning, but only slightly scratched and did not cause damage.

At this time, Bao Xiaohui came over from the shop next to him and asked Du Changfa to compensate for it. Without saying a word, he pulled Du Changfa down from the cab and then punched him a few times.

Huang Yiding, a workmate, said that at that time Bao Xiaohui pulled out his car keys and went back to the shop next to him to play cards. When he saw Du Changfa, the driver, sitting on the ground unsteadily, pale and vomiting, they rushed him to a nearby health center. After the village health center could not be cured, he was rushed to Pingnan County Hospital for rescue. At 3:30 p.m., he declared the rescue invalid and died. u3002

Town Government: The aftermath of the incident is being actively coordinated

Family members of truck driver Du Changfa said that Du Changfa found that he was 55 years old and was in good health at ordinary times, which was the pillar of his family. Such a change would undoubtedly be a bolt from the blue for the whole family.

Huang Yiding, a workmate, said that he saw Bao Xiaohui only hit a few punches, but one hit his neck.

Reporters then came to the Changqiao Town Government, Mayor Ye Zhaohu said in an interview with reporters that at present, the incident has been investigated by the police and criminal police, and the cause of death was sent for inspection, the results of the current test have not yet come out, so the final conclusion on the incident has not been made. They are now actively coordinating the aftermath of the incident, demanding that Bao Xiaohuis family pay for the funeral expenses of the deceased in advance, so that the deceased can rest at an early date. Next, they will actively coordinate, appease their families and promote the handling of events.

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